Office Templates and Document Design

Creating & Redesigning Microsoft Office Templates

Extend your company branding to your Microsoft Office documents by incorporating your brand and logos. As Microsoft 365 template design specialists, we can design and develop modern, sleek, user-friendly and professional PowerPoint, Word, and Excel templates which reflect your company’s brand.

Professional Microsoft Office Template Design Service

Do you find that your company has multiple versions of files and presentations, with everyone using different versions of your logo and off-brand colours? At InvestinU, we specialise in creating modern, sleek, professional Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents that adhere to your company’s brand guidelines. We can create documents that seamlessly incorporate your current branding using your logos, company colours, custom ribbons, Building Blocks, and Macros. Let us design beautiful bespoke documents for you, making your workflow faster and easier than ever before.


Designing Word Templates

Microsoft Word Templates

We can design professional-looking Microsoft Word templates that are sleek, modern, and well designed. Your new templates will allow even less experienced users to save time by creating effective documents that are always up to date and on-brand.

Designing Excel Templates

Microsoft Excel Templates

Let InvestinU create amazing Excel templates that are professional looking and on-brand every time.

Designing PowerPoint Templates

Microsoft PowerPoint Templates

Your custom built PowerPoint template can be easily used to create compelling, clear presentations that are consistent and professionally branded every time.

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